Celebrate the autumn with #felyxautumnseries in Groningen

Summer may be officially over, but that’s not a reason to stay indoors. The start of fall (with the autumn sun of course) can be wonderful and is therefore the perfect time to grab a felyx and discover your own (or another) city. But what if the first raindrops are falling? Fortunately, there’re plenty of hotspots and activities in the city where you can perfectly hide from the rain. Time to celebrate the autumn in Groningen, with a green felyx leading the way!

Always stick to the guidelines of the RIVM: stay at home in case of complaints, avoid crowds and keep the 1.5 meters distance.

1. Home brewed (autumn)beer

Autumn is the perfect time to settle down in a nice pub and to enjoy autumn-like beers. Where to better do that than at Proeflokaal MOUT in Groningen? This hotspot, located at the Gedempte Zuiderdiep, only serves Dutch beers which makes the menu surprising and unique. Move over Belgium, because this hotspot proves that us Dutchies are just as good at brewing beer as our southern neighbours. It’s almost impossible to choose from the extensive menu, so ask for some friendly advice from the staff or just go for the beer of the week. Have you found a beer that you can’t get enough of? Just buy the beer at their own store. Had too many beers? Sign off your felyx and look for another way to get home 😉

2. Autumnal drinks

Want to end your week with a cup of coffee or rather start your weekend with a fine glass of wine? Well, at Cappuvino, located on the Vismarkt, you don’t have to choose because this cool hotspot has it all: fantastic coffee, delicious wines and shared dining. And there is more… Namely the interior (which is spread over 3 floors) that ensures our willingness to visit this hotspot as often as possible. And if you want to enjoy the last rays of sunshine, you should definitely walk directly upstairs to the cozy roof terrace, of course with a view of the Vismarkt and the beautiful city. So, hop on the felyx to the Vismarkt for a cappuccino or a well deserved glass of vino!

3. A green autumn walk

Grab one of the felyx e-scooters in the centre of the city and then head south for Sterrebos, the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of the city centre. Park your e-scooter at the edge of the forest and walk into the green for an autumnal walk among the coloured leaves. We can guarantee you a feeling of ultimate relaxation at this hotspot. Want to warm up on a cool autumn day or just enjoy the sun on a beautiful indian summer day? Then walk further on to Paviljoen Sterrebos, a wonderful place to settle down for a tasty lunch, cozy drink or romantic dinner.

4. Everything within reach

One of the most amazing and coziest streets in Groningen is the Folkingestraat. We are more than happy to give you a few tips so you don’t miss a single hotspot in this street – because this is the perfect location to spoil yourself with the tastiest groceries. The unique peanut butters from De Pindakaaswinkel, the best wines and coffee at Beans & Grapes and many different types of tea at Het KadoCafé – it’s all amazing! Finished with grocery shopping? Luckily, the products are small enough to be fitted into the top case of a felyx while driving to the next destination. Perhaps to Bistro Boys or Pronk for a delicious lunch or some drinks. And the best thing? You don’t even have to leave your new favorite street.

5. Autumn on the silver screen

A little less fortunate with the weather? No problem, fortunately there are tons of other activities and hotspots in Groningen where you can perfectly shelter from a drizzly autumn day, such as Forum Groningen. At this cinema, which is located in the city centre of Groningen, you can not only admire the latest Hollywood blockbusters on the silver screen, they also show the coolest independent movies – which are often just a bit more interesting, right? 😉 Want to extend your night out with a drink (together)? Then exchange your popcorn for the Camera Café, a cozy place with a big bonus: the beautiful view on the Martini Tower.

6. A one-way ticket to Southeast Asia

You don’t have to travel far for the sun, because you can just imagine yourself in the sunny Asia at Konbu Streetfood. As the name already suggests, here you’ll find various (and most of all delicious) Southeast-Asian inspired street food, such as the tastiest ramen, pho and snacks like karaage and gyoza. The heart-warming dishes make you feel like the sun is always shining in the beautiful Groningen. Open for a suggestion? Then be sure to try the Konbu Special. And.. The owners of this great place have also recently opened Konbu Jiro, where you can enjoy Korean barbecue dishes, which are just as delicious. For which Konbu are you going for?

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