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Who is felyx

felyx offers shared electric scooters as a new and disrupting urban mobility concept. You can start your ride in 3 simple steps. Use the felyx app to locate, reserve, and activate the nearest e-scooter.

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Where do you plan your trip?

felyx is available in several cities in Europe. Choose the city you are planning your trip to see specific information about pricing, service area and local regulations.

How it works



Find & Reserve

Use the app to locate nearby felyx e-scooters.

You can make a free 15-minute reservation, and can easily walk to your reserved e-scooter by using the map function. Activate the felyx scooter when you are next to it and start your ride.

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Ride & Enjoy

Within the felyx service area, you can drive everywhere fast and carefree.

We make sure the batteries are charged. Each felyx is equipped with a smartphone-holder and two USB-ports. Therefore, you can always use handsfree navigation and arrive at your destination with a charged smartphone.

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Park & Deactivate

Park the felyx scooter for free and deactivate with the app.

Once you have arrived at your destination, you can easily park the felyx scooter at a suitable location. You can end your reservation with the app when you are parked correctly within the service area. After your ride you can use the app to get trip information and see invoices.

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felyx app

Download the felyx app to use our e-scooters. With the app you are able to find and reserve vehicles close to you. You can activate a reserved e-scooter with the app, so you will not need keys or access cards.