Celebrate the autumn with #felyxautumnseries in The Hague

Summer may be officially over, but that’s not a reason to stay indoors. The start of fall (with the autumn sun of course) can be wonderful and is therefore the perfect time to grab a felyx and discover your own (or another) city. But what if the first raindrops are falling? Fortunately, there’re plenty of hotspots and activities in the city where you can perfectly hide from the rain. Time to celebrate the autumn in The Hague, with a green felyx leading the way!

Always stick to the guidelines of the RIVM: stay at home in case of complaints, avoid crowds and keep the 1.5 meters distance.

1. Kick-start your e-scooter and day!

When you prefer to stay in your warm bed during the autumn and have your caffeine shot there, remember that during the start of fall it’s also the perfect time to go out in the morning and enjoy the sun. Although the Hofstad is filled with many nice coffee hotspots, we prefer to drive our felyx to Kaafi. Not only because of their fantastic coffee and unique dishes, but because you’ll probably fall in love with their enviable interior as well. So whether you want to take your coffee to go with the felyx or take a seat and enjoy the amazing vibes here – we can guarantee that you’ll enjoy it. The perfect kick-start to a sunny autumn day!

2. From one terrace to another

Time to enjoy the last rays of sunshine this autumn and what better way to do this than to settle down on a sunny terrace? Drive your felyx (and your partner in crime of course) away from the center and towards Binckhorst. This neighbourhood is filled with the best hotspots, each with their own perfect terrace for some vitamin D. For good food (and a big bonus: their amazing interior design) go to Mama Kelly or Capriole Café. Prefer a good drink with friends on a sunny weekend day? Then go to Kompaan – not only do they brew delicious beers at this hotspot, they also have a menu with snacks to satisfy your cravings. Don’t forget to look for another way to get home after too many beers! 😉

3. In the sea or at the beach

Although summer is now officially over, it is still a great idea to head to Scheveningen during the autumn – this hotspot at sea can’t be missed. Drive your felyx to the beach, take a walk on the boulevard and then settle down at a nice place such as Hart Beach Café. This surf shop, surf school and beach club is open for business all year around and most importantly: it’s always cozy. Whether you want to show off your best surfing skills or just want to learn how to keep the balance on a surfboard, you are always more than welcome here. Prefer to watch? Luckily, you can just sit down in their amazing lounge to enjoy the dishes on their extensive (and most of all delicious) menu.

4. Catching the last sun rays

Late summer is the perfect time for a walk in the green. Although you have plenty of beautiful places to do that in the Hofstad, such as the Haagse Bos or Landgoed Clingendael, this autumn you should drive with your felyx to the other side of The Hague towards the Zuiderpark. Maybe not as well known as the previously mentioned forests, but just as beautiful! Unlock one of our e-scooters in the city center and drive it to this green (or by now brown & orange) oasis. Whether you fancy a leisurely stroll among the faded autumn leaves or a picnic to soak up the last rays of sun – this is the place to be.

Because felyx is now active in Delft as well, it is easier to travel between different cities. So have you already checked out all the hotspots in The Hague? Then take the felyx and drive to Delft in no time or go on an adventure to Rotterdam.

5. Swap your wardrobe in Delft

Start with your felyx in The Hague, take a beautiful ride in the autumn sun to Delft and then continue to the Voldersgracht – one of the coziest streets in the city. This is the perfect place to swap your summer wardrobe for an autumn one, for example at INSTORE or PLECK. And don’t forget that in the area around this street, you will also find the tastiest & nicest coffee places in Delft, such as TAZZ and Kek. Are you fully charged after your caffeine shot? Then discover the rest of the city from here or take the felyx to Rotterdam.

6. Get that real Italian pizza-feeling

After your stopover in Delft, you can easily drive your felyx to Rotterdam, where you will (yet again) find many great hotspots. Drive your e-scooter to Kralingen for 3 Italian gems: Osteria Vicini, Fratelli di Vicini or the newly opened PizzaBar di Vicini. Especially that last one is worth a visit. Why? Well, because this hotspot is the perfect place to experience that real Italian pizza-feeling. Enjoy their delicious & crunchy pizzas in the cozy restaurant and whether you fancy a romantic evening for two or just good food with your friends – this is the right place in Rotterdam. Buon appetito!

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