We double the amount of e-scooters in Rotterdam.

Bigger, faster and more

Big news! From the end of November 2019 there will be twice as many e-scooters in Rotterdam. In addition we expand our service area to Schiedam and Rotterdam Alexander and we will add e-scooters that can go faster to our service. Interested in what this means for you? You will read it below.

What will change for you?

New e-scooters will be added in Rotterdam, some of which will run at 45 km/h. This entails a number of changes. The most important 3 are:

2 e-scooter models

2 e-scooter models

Two e-scooter models will be available in Rotterdam from November 2019. The current GOVECS e-scooter and the new NIU e-scooter. You can choose which one you want to use.

Different speed limits

Different speed limits

A number of NIU e-scooters drive at a speed of 45 km/h, which means you can reach your destination faster. Please note: with the faster e-scooter you are driving on the car lane and you are required to wear a helmet.

See the difference in the app

See the difference in the app

In the felyx app you can see the difference between the two e-scooters by means of a red speed limit sign for all e-scooters that drive at 45 km/h.

How does the new e-scooter works?

With some new NIU e-scooters you can drive 45 km/h on the car lane and you are obliged to wear a helmet. No worries, we clean the helmets regularly. This new speed means that your braking distance is longer than you are used to. In addition, the e-scooters are accelerating faster. So adjust your driving behavior here and take other road users into account. Curious about how the faster NIU e-scooter works? Watch this video and we’ll explain it to you.

Watch the video

We are also expanding our service area. From the end of November you can go all the way to the mills of Schiedam and to Rotterdam Alexander with felyx. Below you can see our current service area. Wondering if your street is in the new service area? Keep an eye on this map.

See the current map

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the two e-scooters?

The e-scooter of the GOVECs model, which is already active on the Rotterdam roads, always runs at 25 km/h. The new e-scooters of the NIU model can run at both 25 km/h and 45 km/h. You can see the difference between these two models in our app. When you ride a 45 km/h e-scooter, you should always wear a helmet and drive on the car lane.

Can everyone ride a 45 km / h e-scooter?

Anyone with a valid AM or B driving license and with a felyx account can use an e-scooter that runs at 45 km/h.

How many e-scooters will there be in Rotterdam?

In total there will be around 650 e-scooters in Rotterdam.

Are the costs per minute the same for both types of e-scooters?

The price remains € 0.30 per minute for driving and € 0.10 per minute for parking. This applies to all felyx e-scooters.