New e-scooters, new speed in Amsterdam

New e-scooters in Amsterdam

From the end of November 2019, there are new and even faster e-scooters available in Amsterdam. The current e-scooters of the brand Govecs are being replaced by new e-scooters of the brand NIU. On this page you can read the biggest changes of this update.

What will change for you?

All new e-scooters in Amsterdam have a speed of 45 km/h. This entails a number of changes. The most important 3:

New maximum speed

New maximum speed

The new e-scooters have a maximum speed of 45 km/h instead of 25 km/h. This way you are more safe between all the other traffic.

Wear a helmet

Wear a helmet

You will drive between cars, so always wear a helmet. You will find two helmets per e-scooter.

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Drive on the road

Drive on the road

With the higher speed limit you can only ride on the road with felyx, except for the special moped lanes.

Always drive safe, a few tips

The new e-scooters have a higher speed limit. This means that your braking distance is longer than you are used to. In addition, the e-scooters are accelerating faster. Adjust your driving behavior and take other road users into account.

How does the new e-scooter work?

The functions of the new e-scooters are almost the same. In the video below you can see how you start your ride. P.S. Make sure you have the latest version of the felyx app.

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Expanded service area

The e-scooters drive faster, this means that it becomes easier to reach longer distances. For this reason we are expanding our service area and from the end of November you will also be driving with felyx to Amstelveen & Diemen. Below you can see our current service area.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do you replace the scooters?

Because in Amsterdam, scooters need to drive on the road, we have chosen to replace our e-scooters with a model that runs at 45 km/h. This makes you reach your destination faster and drive safer between the other traffic.

Can everyone ride a 45 km/h scooter?

Anyone with a valid AM or B driver’s license and a felyx account can use an e-scooter that runs at 45 km/h.

Will there also be more scooters in Amsterdam?

No, the number of e-scooters remains the same. We are expanding our service area to parts of Amstelveen and Diemen. This means that even more people can use felyx.

Will the price per minute remain the same?

The price remains €0.30 per minute for driving and €0.10 per minute for parking.

Are you allowed to drive from Amstelveen and Diemen to Amsterdam?

Yes you can. We include parts of Amstelveen and Diemen in our service area from the end of November 2019. View which areas have been added in the app.