felyx takes action against wrong parking

End-of-ride photo encourages users to park e-mopeds correctly. felyx introduces a new feature to prevent parking nuisance by encouraging users to park the e-mopeds correctly. After their ride, users are asked to take a photo of the parked e-moped and the environment in which it is located via the felyx app. If it appears that an e-moped has been parked incorrectly, the user will be held accountable for incorrect parking behavior. If the e-moped has to be moved, the user will receive a fine of €50 to cover the costs of the move. Parkers with structural wrong behavior risk removal from the platform. Moreover, a prior pilot in Eindhoven has already shown promising results: complaints about parking nuisance decreased by 90% in a month and a half. Soon, artificial intelligence (AI) will be used to automatically recognize e-mopeds that are parked incorrectly.

Structural approach in other cities

After the successful pilot in Eindhoven, the feature is now live in Groningen, Delft, Brussels, Den Bosch and Haarlem. With the same successful results, it will be rolled out in all other cities where felyx is active as well. To help new and existing users, a ‘how to ride slider’ will be added to the app providing instructions on how to use felyx safely and park correctly. Additionally, a new reward system will be implemented. For users that consistently park responsibly, free minutes will be awarded. This way, the use of the e-mopeds is optimized for both users and the environment.

Focus on a liveable city

“This development fits within the mission of felyx to keep the city liveable and accessible for everyone with compact, shared and sustainable transport,” says Daan Wijnants, Head of Public Affairs at felyx. “felyx is constantly working to improve product and service, so that we remain innovative and user-friendly. felyx users must be able to drive from A to B in a safe way, with quality e-mopeds and without causing any nuisance. Part of that is that users will always find an e-moped that has been left behind correctly by the previous driver.”

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