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Let’s pick up the pace towards a more flexible industry. With those who can.

felyx for business

  • Company Vouchers Your company receives a selected number of minutes tailored to your employee’s needs for a reduced monthly price. For all orders below 500 minutes, we kindly refer to our in-app minute packages.

  • Dedicated Lease For a fixed monthly fee, we reserve a preferred number of felyx e-mopeds for your employees, enabling easy access and tracking for everyone. We take care of insurance and maintenance, so you and your colleagues can focus on your company's progress.

  • Business Accounts We collectively create accounts for each employee and send one invoice per month. Your employees ride at our regular rate without minimum usage. For inquiries below 100 accounts, please contact our partner Mobility Mixx.

Why felyx for business?

felyx is your best ally for urban exploration, always at your disposal. For any trip, make an e-moped your own, without having to own it. Enjoy the freedom of moving around the city in a fast, convenient and electric way.

Easy to use

Our intuitive app ensures your colleagues never have to miss a meeting ever again. Or stand still in traffic. Reserve, ride and pay our e-mopeds at the click of a button.

Easy admin

Enjoy hassle-free administration with a personal account for all your employees. We invoice once a month to keep everything well-organised.

Easy rides

Your organisation contributes to a cleaner and more sustainable city by choosing our 100% electric, 100% comfortable and 100% silent e-mopeds.

Why felyx for business?