like a pro

Learn how to park your felyx while respecting our cities!

Ready to become a felyx parking pro? Catch our step-by-step video guide and nail the parking game every time. Because nothing wraps up a great ride better than a perfect park!

Dodge those pesky parking fines

We’re all humans and sometimes we slip-up. But it’s always best to keep those to a minimum to save some coin.

Two parking hiccups? that’s a €70 fine

A single parking mishap? We’ve all been there. But twice in a row? That comes with a €70 tag. So let’s avoid a sequel, shall we? You’ll find examples of how not to park further down this page.

Three incorrect parking pics? that’s €25

Three consecutive parking pictures that don’t quite make the cut will lead to a €25 fine. Remember, a perfect parking snap clearly shows the license plate and the moped’s surroundings.

Now, let’s ace that parking game

Head out, relish the city’s vibe, and when it’s time to pause, park your felyx like a pro. That’s the recipe for a perfect ride.

Dodge those pesky parking fines

Parking pitfalls

to avoid

On tactile paving

Tactile pavings are for guidance, not parking.

In front of doors

Let's leave doorways clear, not blocked.

Blocking a ramp

Ramps are for smooth access, not e-moped parking.

On a car parking spot

Car spots are for cars, felyx prefers the pavement.

Blocking a sidewalk

Sidewalks are for strolling, not felyx parking.