Helmet regulation in Amsterdam

New rules in Amsterdam

For safety reasons, from April 8, 2019, it is compulsory in Amsterdam to ride with an e-scooter on the road WITH a helmet. How this works exactly, both in general and for the felyx e-scooters, you can read down here.

How does it work?

There are 3 important things you have to know about the helmet regulation:

Wear a helmet

Wear a helmet

Always ride safely with a helmet. Per e-scooter, two helmets are present.

Watch instruction video.

On the road

On the road

With the felyx e-scooters you ride, just like other scooters, on the road instead of on the cycling lane.

* There are exceptions, please read them below

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Maximum speed

Maximum speed

With the felyx e-scooters you still ride 25 km/h.

Always ride safely with a helmet

With each e-scooter, you find two helmets in the tailbox and hair nets in the buddy-seat. Besides, we clean all helmets regularly with a special spray to keep them clean and fresh.

felyx on the road

Although from April 8, 2019 you generally ride on the road, some exceptions exist. Outside the Ring A10, for example, you do ride on the cycling lane. Within the Ring A10, some exceptions exist as well, which you can see on this map. The signs tell you where to ride.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need to wear a helmet? If so, how does this work?

In Amsterdam:

Yes, as per April 8th 2019, scooter drivers (also electrical scooters and scooters with a blue license plate) are obliged to wear a helmet.

Felyx users do not need their own helmet. Every e-scooter is equipped with one or two felyx helmets. Most of our e-scooters will be equipped with two helmets. In the app, it will be visible whether your e-scooter contains one or two helmets. You can find the helmet(s) in the top case, attached on the back.

The top case can be opened via the felyx app (this is only possible when the e-scooter is active!).

In Rotterdam/The Hague:

No, in these cities wearing a helmet is not mandatory, because our scooters are limited to 28 kilometres per hour. Please note this also means the felyx scooters have to be driven on the bike lane and not on the main road (when bike lanes are available).

What should I do with the helmet(s) if the battery of the e-scooter died or if I cannot open the buddy seat anymore?

We advise you to contact our customer service directly. You can find the telephone number in the app, the website or on the sticker on the inside of the e-scooter. Our customer service is happy to help!

How does felyx retain the hygiene of the helmets?

Our helmets are frequently prayed with special disinfect spray;

In the buddy of each scooter you will find hairnets. Users are kindly requested to wear there underneath the helmet in order to protect the hygiene.