Beat climate change

By riding a felyx you’re contributing to the city of the future. Making it more liveable and connecting with each other without polluting the environment. Creating space for nature, fun, and living.

Green mobility

Our full electric fleet is powered by 100% green energy and therefore saves CO2 compared to traditional forms of transport running on fossil fuels. This way we already saved ~2.000 tons of CO2 and prevented air pollution based on 30 million kilometers driven. felyx is committed to becoming carbon neutral in all of its operations by 2023


Sharing is caring

By sharing e-mopeds with multiple riders we mean less vehicles on the road, saving urban space to make our cities future-proof. Also, saving precious materials in production and preventing unnecessary transportation emissions.

You ride, we plant!

We’ve been recently joining the @teamtrees movement, planting trees for the rides made during the Green Friday week in November, resulting in planting 1000 trees all around the world!



We recycle our perished batteries and worn-out tires to prevent producing unnecessary waste. We constantly improve the durability of our hardware and reuse old parts, like upcycling our seasonal leg covers into gloves. We also reclaim parts from broken e-mopeds to repair operational vehicles.

Electric vans

Electric vans

We use electric vans to charge, service, and relocate our e-mopeds. Which are too charged with green energy.