Celebrate the autumn with #felyxautumnseries in Brussels

Summer may be officially over, but that’s not a reason to stay indoors. The start of fall (with the autumn sun of course) can be wonderful and is therefore the perfect time to grab a felyx and discover your own (or another) city. But what if the first raindrops are falling? Fortunately, there’re plenty of hotspots and activities in the city where you can perfectly hide from the rain. Time to celebrate the autumn in Brussels, with a green felyx leading the way!

Always stick to the guidelines: stay at home in case of complaints, avoid crowds and keep the 1.5 meters distance.

1. The most autumnal caffeine fix

Start your week (or weekend of course) with one of the best cups of coffee in Brussels at Belga & Co. At this amazing place they take their coffee very seriously, which you can definitely taste while drinking one of their amazing coffee creations. Their high-quality coffee gets roasted in Antwerp, making it a real delicious Belgian product. What makes this cozy place even better? The menu is filled with plenty of healthy dishes, but also guilty pleasures such as the tastiest cakes. And with as many as 2 locations in the city, from the Baljuwstraat to the Ernest Solvaystraat, your caffeine fix will always be within driving distance with the felyx.

2. The season of (Brussels) beers

When you think of autumn, you (as a real citizen of Brussels) naturally think of beer, right? 😉 Although summer was perfect for some summer beers on the terrace, a cool autumn day is the ideal time to settle down in a cozy bar and enjoy the best beers that Brussels has to offer. From Zinnebir to Taras Boulba – with the sustainable character beers of Brasserie de la Senne every sip feels like a little party. And are you lucky enough to go here on a sunny day? Then just imagine yourself back to the summer on their extensive terrace. Do the beers taste too good? Don’t forget to sign off your felyx and look for another transport home. Safety first! 😉

3. Between the falling leaves

On a beautiful autumn day, a walk through one of the parks in Brussels is an excellent idea. Can’t figure out where to go with your felyx due to the many green places Belgium’s capital has to offer? Make sure to follow our advice and drive the e-scooter towards the Josaphat Park, located in Schaerbeek According to many residents of Brussels, this hilly park is the most beautiful one in the city – that’s all we need to say, right? Want to warm up after your walk or enjoy the last rays of sunshine? Walk out of the park and take a seat at the cozy hotspot ‘1030 Café’, the perfect place to end your day.

4. An indoor heaven of food

We understand all too well that you prefer to stay indoors and under a warm blanket on a rainy autumn day, but that’s over now with a (fairly) new hotspot in Brussels: Wolf. This mecca of food, located in an old bank building near the Grote Markt, is a fantastic food market with as many as eighteen (!!!) restaurants, a microbrewery and a chocolate shop. So, take a cozy ride with your partner in crime on the felyx to the Wolvengracht and go on an adventure at this huge heaven of food!

5. From the terrace to the bar

Since we have officially said goodbye to summer and the autumn season has just started, now is the perfect time to catch those last rays of sunshine on a lovely terrace. Of course, there are plenty of places in the city to do this, but we recommend you to take a seat on the terrace of Walvis. On the corner of the Dansaertstraat and the Vlaanderenstraat, you will find this popular and well-established hotspot of Brussels. Whether you fancy a coffee and cake or already feel like it’s time for a drink with friends, you’ve come to the right place. Put on your sunglasses and enjoy!

6. A brand new autumn-proof wardrobe

The change of seasons naturally calls for a new wardrobe, so put your summer clothes away and go autumn shopping in the Karthuizerstraat. This street, located in Dansaert, is filled with the most amazing and unique shops. Not only will you find many vintage gems here, but also great shops such as Blender 101, Bellerose and Hunter & Collecting. Exhausted after an afternoon of searching the clothing racks? Luckily, there are plenty of nice places in and around this street to settle down for a sunny lunch or rainy drink, such as at Les Filles or Fin de Siècle.

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