On this page you will find more information about our pricing models in Belgium and felyx for business.

Move faster through the city

Rides with felyx are priced similarly to public transport and are almost always cheaper than driving a car or taxi, because you can move faster in the city and you have no parking- and fuel costs.

pay per minute

Pay per minute

At felyx you only pay for what you use. So ride through the city for €0,30/min without any hidden fees. In certain cities you have to pay an unlock fee of €0,75 per ride. Both out- and inside the service area you can park felyx e-scooters anywhere you want for €0,15/min. For more information, check our price list.

felyx for business

Give your employees a fast, convenient, and sustainable way to move through the city. For a fixed price per month you can have your own company felyx e-scooters. Enjoy all the advantages of having your own electric scooter, but do not have the burden of actually owning one.

More information

Dynamic pricing

In February 2020 we introduced a new pricing model for our e-scooters in order to increase availability (currently only in The Hague, Rotterdam and Brussels). We call this dynamic pricing. On a special web page you can read why we do this, how it works and what value it delivers to you.

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