felyx. And Germany is fun again!

felyx is the new green mobility. Download the felyx e-moped sharing app and ride today.

Nice to meet you

We make high-quality sustainable e-mopeds available for you. Since our successful launch in Amsterdam in 2017 we have expanded to almost a dozen cities in Europe. Since 2021, you can also beat the streets of Berlin, Aachen, Hamburg and Düsseldorf on a felyx.

No strings attached

No strings attached

You pay per minute for riding with felyx with for example PayPal. No registration fee, just pay as you go!

Fast from A to B

Fast from A to B

We have an e-moped at almost every corner of the street so you never have to worry about how to get fast from A to B within the city. Unlock the e-moped in 1 second with our app and you’re ready to go.

Top notch service

Top notch service

  • 24/7 support and immediate response
  • High quality e-moped
  • Two helmets, because riding together is twice the fun
  • Green electricity and maintenance fully taken care of. 100% hassle free

Join the felyx community

Create an account and take your first ride after registration. From €0,18 p/m you can drive around town. Make it count!

How it works

With our zero emission e-mopeds we provide the easiest, fastest and most enjoyable way around town. So who needs a car? Follow these simple steps from start to finish and be on your way. It doesn’t get any easier or safer than this.



Find & Reserve

Use the app to locate nearby felyx e-mopeds or scan the QR code on the e-moped.

You can make a free 10-minute reservation, and can easily walk to your reserved e-mopeds by using the map function. Activate the felyx moped when you are next to it and start your ride.

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Ride & Enjoy

You can ride everywhere with our comfortable and easy maneuverable, 100% hassle free e-mopeds.

With our electric, battery swapping vehicles we make sure the batteries are charged. Each felyx is equipped with two helmets, a smartphone-holder and a USB-port. Therefore, you can ride together, use handsfree navigation and arrive at your destination with a charged smartphone.

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Park & Deactivate

Park the felyx e-moped and deactivate with the app.

Once you have arrived at your destination, you can easily park the felyx moped at a suitable location. You can end your reservation with the app when you are parked correctly within the service area. After your ride you can use the app to get trip information and see invoices.

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Ride through Germany from € 0.18/min without a registration fee. You can easily pay with PayPal or a method you prefer.

From €0,18
per minute

Parking costs:
€0,13 per minute

Unlock fee:
€0,50 per ride

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Minute packages

From now on you can buy felyx minute packages and save yourself some good money! The following packages are available:

— Greenhorn 150 minutes for € 30
— Green Hunter 300 minutes for € 57
— Green Wave 600 minutes for € 108

After purchasing you have 6 months to enjoy riding your minutes (see T&Cs). Get your package now directly within the felyx app!

Day pass

You have a jam-packed day or simply want to enjoy a day off & don’t want to worry about the current price per minute? Our day pass is giving you the freedom and flexibility to go out and enjoy as long as you can while paying less. Your advantage in detail:

Day Pass: 200 minutes, valid for 24 hours, € 14,99

With our day pass, any of our e-mopeds become your own personal vehicle (you can use more than one) for 24 hours. Get it simple & directly in the felyx app!


Dynamic Pricing

In December 2021 we introduced a new pricing model for our e-mopeds in order to increase availability and to prevent parking nuisance. We call this dynamic pricing. Below you can read why we do this, how it works and what value it delivers to you.

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State of the art e-moped

Meet our green monster. You can ride everywhere with our comfortable and easy maneuverable NIU e-mopeds . Each felyx is equipped with two helmets, a smartphone-holder and a USB-port. Therefore, you can ride together, use handsfree navigation and arrive at your destination with a charged smartphone. Just push the green button and beat the streets!


We care about you and the city

Urbanization and dense cities result in air pollution, congestion and parking issues. We take this away by with our zero-emission e-mopeds powered by green electricity. That’s not all, because also our battery swap operations are fully enabled by green electricity. When using felyx you save 193 grams of CO2 p/km in comparison to using a car.

Who are we?

We are fast-paced and always on the move, convinced that experiences shouldn’t be anticipated by sitting still – they should be pursued. Want to know more about us?

About us


It might be that you have some questions about felyx. Visit our frequently asked questions (FAQ) to get your answers.

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